Nov 21, 2017 11 50 AM MST
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Production Optimization of Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells [Replay]

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Production Optimization of Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells [Replay]

Abstract: In this panel session, experts in artificial lift will introduce the challenges faced with pump-assisted systems for horizontal well production from light, tight oil reservoirs. The panelists will then share some of the new or developing AL technologies which serve to address them. This session addresses both low-to-medium and high-volume lift systems, including sucker rod pumps, electric submersible pumps and progressive cavity pumps. They will also discuss production considerations during frac flowback (through the natural flow period), followed by the often challenging transition to artificial lift. The criteria for artificial lift selection will be discussed; providing guidelines for achieving the highest economic recovery at the lowest failure rate. Stories or case studies from notable North American shale or tight oil plays will be presented. Attendees should leave the session with expert insight into the future direction of artificial lift in our industry.

Speaker Bio:
  • Jeff Saponja is the CEO at HEAL Systems
  • Zeshan Hyder is a Technical Operations Manager at Weatherford
  • Darren Worth is a Senior Research Engineer at C-FER Technologies
  • Ransis Kais is a Senior Technical Advisor at Murphy Oil
  • Ryan McCrea is a Senior Production Engineer at Athabasca Oil Corporation
  • Mario Labrecque is a Well Reliability Optimization Advisor at Chevron
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